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We are Europe's most experienced specialists in TimeXtender® and Jet Analytics.

We provide end-to-end consulting and services for your business analytics platform.

Our Services


TimeXtender is a data management platform that helps prepare and manage data for analytics and AI

Jet Analytics is Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics. Fast, Flexible Dashboards and Financial Reports in Excel and Online

The business analytics solution that lets you visualize  your data and share full insights across your organization

End-to-End Service

We provide end-to-end service on your business analytics platform. From all your data sources to all your analytic endpoints.

Analytics, AI & ML 

Full support for all kind of analytics, visualizations and Machine Leaning solutions. We can help you preparing your data for any workload. 

24-hour support

In collaboration with our partners, we can provide around-the-clock-service on your Data Management Platform.


Komatsu deploys data estate to Microsoft Azure and enables

instant access to data with TimeXtender


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