Jet 21.2 What's New?

We have compiled a short list of the most interesting news in the 21.2 release of Jet Reports

Enhanced Table Browser

To provide an enhanced user experience, easier navigation, and a more streamlined workflow, Jet Reports now hides tables in the table browser that the user does not have permission to access. Improved experience Easier navigation Reduced potential for confusion

Improved Jet Reports Performance

For users running Jet Reports in a multi-core environment, Jet has been optimized to take advantage of the extra processing capacity to provide improved system performance.

General Quality Improvements

Jet Version 21.2 delivers a strong focus on release quality, with more than 40 customer-reported issues addressed, providing a better experience and greater customer satisfaction.

Get in touch with Atlytix if you want to learn more or if you need assistance with the upgrade of your Jet Reports installation.

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