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For quite some time, most companies have turned to manually built and inflexible Data Warehouses to gain insights from their data.

Just like with almost anything else, evolution helps us get away from manual work. In fact, it has been possible for several years to build Business Intelligence solutions on automated data collection and data processing methods!


Why haven't I been presented with this opportunity before?

In most countries, the BI industry has been governed by a few large BI companies. Unfortunately, they have succeeded in suppressing this information by using their position and resources because they have conflicting interests. It’s in their interest to conceal the truth - as long as possible …


But why don't all BI vendors recommend automated BI solutions?

It is quite simple! The consulting hours they invoice you are their livelihood - the more consulting hours, the more they earn.

Are there fewer consultant hours in an automated BI solution? The facts of this type of solution are that it can be implemented in a much shorter time. Experience has shown that the timesaving is 5 to 10x compared to a manually implemented BI solution.

Do I have the same options, and can I achieve the same results with an automated solution?

YES!!! You will find that more functionality is available in an automated solution. Usually, complex and time-consuming functionality is made quite simple and implemented in a fraction of the time - and then it can document itself for compliance with GDPR and much more.

Can I be sure that an automated BI solution is the right choice for me?

This specific automated solution is recommended directly by Microsoft as being the best product for the foundation of any BI solution on their platform. Microsoft has even built the foundation for traditional solutions - a more credible recommendation does not exist!


Would I be the first to use an automated product for this process?

No! More than 3,000 organizations around the world are using this solution, making the product the world's most widely used automated BI solution, built on known Microsoft technology.


Can I try, before I buy?

Yes, we are so convinced that this solution is the best for the vast majority that we made a truly unique offer, valid for the rest of 2019. We give you the opportunity to try out the world's most widely used automated BI platform completely free of charge. Furthermore, our services to assist you during your trial are completely free!

Can I get a demo or a brief introduction to this product?

Yes, we offer an on-site or online demo of the product. You can also sign up for the very popular Workshop where you attend a half-day event where everyone gets the opportunity to try the product hands-on in a pre-installed environment.


How can I learn more?

You can contact us here without obligation or write your contact information below, and we will contact you!

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René Dueholm

BI Consultant, Partner

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